Aliexpress cheats

Aliexpress frauds solved by our companie's lawyer


As we were informing earlier, we started to solve Aliexpress manegement's cheat with our lawyer Mgr. Jan Tůma.

We are nowadays about to send last warning to this company to their office in China before starting solving the frauds with law court in local country.

We are specialist in solar energy and well known company in the Czech Republic. Some goods buying through Aliexpress at various sellers. There are lots of good ones but there are a few cheating with their products. The most often is cheating with solar power banks capacity. Sellers declare much bigger capacity than in real it is. I think everyone knows and count with that before purchase this product.

Another big frauds is in solar charge controllers there. Solar charge controller is either PWM technology or MPPT technology.
There are cheap products saying its MPPT there, in real its usual pwm.

Aliexpress does not know that, but the reason we have started solving its management with the lawyer is the fact they deny our disputes complains where we describe sellers cheat in detail, despite that some unexperienced person and especially absolutely anonymous, refuse that despite the fact we are adding clear proofs to prove it regards usual pwm function.

Since this company is absolutely anonymous, you cannot call anyone or write, just ridiculous live chat full of young agents, the only way is to solve their cheats is via lawyer and law court.

Pay attention when buy. We will provide you with FAKE mppt controllers that are being declared as mppt function (Fortunately when goods arrive, you will find on its label or in manual its PWM in real, not MPPT as description says.) Despite that clear proofs some stranger from anonymous Aliexpress declines unreasonably the disputes thus supports knowingly the cheating products/sellers.

FAKE MPPT products:




REAL MPPT function product:



As globally known. PWM is usual technology with approximately 50 % efficiency. This can be used only for 160W and under solar panels, since they give 16-18 volts. When you have solar panel over 200W, you must use real mppt, since such panels have 30+ volts and such voltage pwm cannot work with, just only REAL mppt technology.
If you use pwm controllers above for such panel, it will stop work immediately and you can damage your battery.

Real mmpt can be used for any solar panel. Its effciency is 99 %. Thats why its goods business for sellers to call their products as mppt. But when such fake arrive to you physically, you will find out the low cost pwm technology both on product's label or its desk board from which is clear pwm controller at first sight. Such cost in Aliexpress 5 dollars but are being offered even for 25 dollars by some sellers.

We suppose most sellers dont even know they are cheating Aliexpress buyers. They are just sellers who copy product's description from a cheaty producer. You can find all sellers have identical description copied by fraudulent producer.

Everyone can join us till 12th February 2019 collectively for legal accusation of Aliexpress cheats. All proofs of denied desputes are recorded.


In the end screens of some knowing what they bought and which understand the technology:




Jiri Jirku